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(no subject) [May. 8th, 2007|11:00 am]
Yes, I know I need to update.

Unfortunately, whenever I attempt to log into LJ at home, the page just comes up with a lot of HTML and my small attempts at googling aren't helping solve this issue. At the moment, I'm writing this at the uni labs but it is kind of umcomfortable to update *everything* in this way if you know what I mean.

First of all, GREAT GREAT GREAT NEWS that I FINALLY received on Friday - I got the acceptance for exchange for the Canadian university. Still working out dates and stuff - haven't booked flights etc but I'll be flying out of Sydney late August/early September. Considering travel time (14 hours to LA) (I think 6/8 hours to Toronto) and the hour/90 minute drive outside Toronto to the actual uni, I'm trying to work out the best way to transit. I know that I want to travel after I finish the semester so it is best for the return ticket to be from LA. However, I'm not sure whether I want to stay a few days in LA and then continue to Toronto or fly into LA transit for a few hours and fly into Toronto adn then stay a few days in downtown Toronto and then travel to the uni after that. My exchange coordinator advised not to the do the whole trip in one go because the jetlag combined with all the newness will just encourage depression to the max. Plus it is also trying to work out who to fly with - my plan at the moment is to do the few days in Toronto so I apart from the few hours transit, I will fly straight through so I don't want any connections in Fiji, Auckland, Honolulu etc.

My plan is also to do the semester and then definitely do New York, LA and Las Vegas (yes, a cliche I know) and during breaks/the way timetable works out, I want to travel to Boston, maybe Florida to recover from the freezingness and Washington DC.

The plan at one point was to go to Charlottesville to celebrate my best friend's 21st in late September because she is on exchange at UVA but we haven't really talked in the last few months - I was bitter about stuff she has done (what were her and mine plans to travel over Xmas/New Years have turned into about three other ppl who I don't mind when I'm just bumming at home in Australia but don't really want to travel with overseas!) plus I was over being the one to always call and keep the contact up. I was the one always trying - hence why I haven't spoken to her since mid March and no SMS since early April because I'm not being the one to always try. Childish? Yes but I'm just over it.

the guy situation is painful. The guy I mentioned in my last post is still around but I know it's not worth it. He can be such an arse but then there is stuff I really like. It sounds terrible but I now understand why abused women stay with their husbands. I think there is a bit of emotional abuse happening in this situation - I recognise it but I can't get away. There was a point when he was finally out my head (no contact for a month) and then he randomly calls and is right back there again. ARGGGGGGGGGGGH! I know I need to step away, it is just HOW I can finaly do that.

I do have this horrible crush/lust for this guy in one of my classes who ironically has the same name which isn't helping things.

Anyway, sorry for the randomness. There are other things to say but I have to have something to eat before class - the tummy is rumbling. I still read LJ a bit and see how everyone is going but it would be great (if you're still awake after reading this) to check in here.[[[Congrats on the grad ora wai, how is the schools for Fall decision going petunia??]]]
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I Suck [Jun. 2nd, 2006|11:15 am]
Happy Birthday ora wai

Happy Birthday benchelsea

I'm really sorry that it is incredibly late but I hope you both had great days especially on your 21st on the cruise ora.

Good to hear that your interviews went good petunia
- the more that I teach the children to swim (where I'm heading in a few hours), the more that I value the good souls that can deal with these children for more than the half an hour that I am a wimp with - I think 30 minutes once a week is bad enough with some kids but a WHOLE day for FIVE DAYS STRAIGHT - Fucking wow!
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Have To Be Quick [May. 22nd, 2006|04:21 pm]
For some reason, I can't log into my Friends page or LJ at home so I'm at uni and have class in ten minutes so I will have to be quick.

Big heya to ora wai, irons and bostonben!

I finish uni on the 13th of June. And because of timing, I'll get six weeks off.

But I have so much stuff due - group presentation tomorrow, a handout and analytical portfolio for that presentation next tuesdau, a 2000 word logbook next Monday, a Journal and Learning Statement on Tuesday fortnight and a 2500 word essay on the 9th of June and then an exam worht 50% of my total class mark on the 13th of June.

And I'm working so much - covering shifts for friends - one is having an operation.

For those that don't know - I'm now a swimming instructor. My qualifications came in December and I've been working since school started (it works on schools terms over here) in February.

I'm worried my RSD might be coming back.

And I'm losing weight (the self loathing/lacking self esteem part of my personality likes this) and bruising REALLY badly. As my 'helpful' mother said "It's really good I don't have a boyfriend because people would think he was bashing me".

The boy front is developing....

Short version:
Good friend from work met these two guys while she was out. She hooked up with one of the Guys. Best Friend of Hook Up Guy happened to be out on another night whom I met. My friend had said he was really nice etc etc and I like him. Except now, it appears as though my friend is really crushing on him bad. She won't admit it though because she knows I like him.

And thats that.

Hope everyone is well :)
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Shut Up Already [May. 19th, 2006|10:34 am]
To the wankers in the TWoP Everwood thread telling people to not sweat it, just watch Veronica Mars - fuck off.

Thats like saying when your grandmother dies, don't worry because you have that other grandmother.

I don't fucking care.

I have adored Everwood through all four of its seasons.

I adored VM last season but it became a melting cesspool in its second season.

What sucks the most about cancellation is that Everwood was in its prime with many stories to tell.

Veronica Mars, like Joan of Arcadia, suffered from completely bland and horrible characterisation in their secons season but in this case, because of rabid fans, it is being renewed.

What might be encouraging this anger is the fact that I can't find the fucking torrent for Episode 18 (the latest episode) of Everwood.

Is it just irony that I have a class in twenty minutes that is discussing fandom and celebrity?

Things just suck.

Maybe I'm just angry at other things and it's all coming to a head but fucking hell, why did they have to cancel it.
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Happy 21st Mara! [Nov. 22nd, 2005|05:05 pm]
Happy Birthday to You
You're 102
You look like a monkey and smell like one too.

Hope you have a great birthday, you old thing ;)
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Moving on to Blogger [Feb. 18th, 2005|01:10 pm]
After sending ages testing layouts, I realised that I had zero talent in design, or rather my lack of talent was emphasised.

Although this is a pretty green, I prefer what Blogger is able to do for me.

Therefore I have moved to http://elizajoey.blogspot.com

Because I'm too stingy to get a paid account here and I have zero talent to come up with a cool design here so see my ramblings there.
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